20th September 2013

Through an exhibition of 40 pieces of “old-new” and “new-new’ work, Copyrightexplored the idea of moving forward by looking back, “it’s like learning from your own history…”.

The art of Copyright is characterized by stenciled portraiture of classic pin up girls. With a love of clean comic-book style; his brush work often draws from the high contrast style of stencil street art. The stark outlines are mixed with bright, bold blocks of colour and abstract patterns.

He centers emotion by combining the feelings of love and heartbreak – the contemplation of heartbreak giving these beautiful subjects a sense of despair and sadness. In this way, Copyright is able to touch on themes of opposites; light and dark, good and evil.

Copyright’s style is rooted in mythological histories, an era of storytelling where women were understood as creatures to be both loved and feared. With sirens leading sailors astray and Medusa turning men to stone, Copyright’s bittersweet fairytales focus vulnerability as opposed to power. The presence of urban subcultures are also expressed in the tattooed arms of his women, rooting the vision in the modern world. Using tattoos as symbolic iconography, Copyright offers a secondary and more subjective narrative for the viewer to explore, expressing a living cultural history within an ancient mythology.

Copyright’s highly stylised work has proven popular with both national and international collectors, celebrities and Premier League football players. He has exhibited worldwide including sell out solo shows in London and Tokyo.

In 2010, his ‘Precious Damage’ London show saw 50 works sell out in 3 hours. Other works include a painting commissioned for the cover of Reload Magazine to accompany a feature on his art as well as having published pieces in Harpers Bazaar, Teen Vogue and Modart.

Copyright has been daubing the streets of the UK with his trademark pink roses for decades. His paintings represent ideals from the modern world and culture, portrayed within classic imagery of simple beauty, often depicted by butterflies, flowers and beautiful women. His pictures represent a contradiction of idealism and unattainable visions of beauty found in fashion, music and popular culture.

Combining the medium of street art with more traditional stylistic elements he blends classic painting techniques with spray can art. He employs print styles using stencils, creates depth with spray paint and texture with a paintbrush. Copyright cites his influences as Alfred Hitchcock, Wlliam Shakespeare, Banksy, Warhol and the Pre Raphaelite movement.
In May 2012 Copyright's profile received a major boost when he appeared alongside Pure Evil as part of an urban art task on the prime time BBC TV show The Apprentice. Demand for his work soared as soon as the show aired.
Copyright has worked with artists such as Hush, Ben Frost, Gemma Compton andPrefab77, and had commissions from companies including Redbull and LYNX. He has also had sold out solo shows in both London and Japan. Copyright was born on Friday the 13th.