Constantly challenging himself with both subject-matter and technique, and with a hatred to sticking to one thing for too long, Dan K’s work is bold, exciting, fresh and not easy to categorize.

What excites us about Dan’s work is precisely the unpredictability and blend of graffiti and fine art styles which creates art that really works on canvas, inside the gallery (as opposed to some artists who are great on the street on large scale murals but who can’t somehow seem to adapt their work to the gallery space).

We have worked with Dan and shown his work in the past, always with success including at our Houses of Parliament Charity Auction in December 2013 where Dan’s acrylic and spraypaint on canvas entitled “Rush Hour”  fetched a very high price.

About this solo art exhibition at Westbank, Dan explains:

“The show oblivion is a personal exploration of recent times in my life which have been extremely traumatic and catastrophic.

The show title “Oblivion” reflects the apocalyptic nature of the ideas behind the works; thinking the world was ending, being trapped in a personal hell, with pain and torment, standing on the edge of the abyss....Explosive, gestural swathes of fire and colour erupt from the canvases, like hellish volcanoes, with lava, aggressive and energetic, they scratch at the canvas surface like open wounds, glowing with heat and intensity.....The large scale of the paintings adds to the drama and all-encompassing feel I wanted to achieve.

Standing in front of them you see nothing in your peripheral vision, just the hellish scene in front of you. You are for a moment, within that maelstrom, as I was. The large scale also allows to become far more involved in the painting physically. There are huge gestural strokes, for which I used the whole body literally to blast the paint onto the surface. It's a truly intense expression of underlying emotions and pain. Exorcising demons. “