An incredible group show at Westbank Gallery - 8th of december at 6:30pm

documenting and celebrating one of modern day cultures true characters and giving the artist their chance to immortalise their vision on the late great Hunter S Thomson in an art form of their choice.

“Taking Counter Culture Attitudes Into Mainstream Situations”

We are also looking into the possibility of touring the exhibit at selected locations!



The exhibition will run between 8th of December 2016 and 15th of January 2017. The artists on show include: Tim J Fowler - Pam Glew - Gil Carvalho - Kimberley Thomas - The Thomas Brothers - James Mylne - Patrick Bremer - Mr Cenz - Kevin Guy - Carl Cashman - Ben Allen - Cheba Bristol - Tom 'Inkie' Bingle - Elliot Hood - James Starr - Carrie Reichardt - Fan Tripe - Osch aka Otto Schade - Tristan Schoonraad - Gemma Compton - Copyright Art - Paul McGowan - Keith Baugh - Dan Kitchener ( DANK ) - Dean Zeus Colman - Chris Bowden - James Lemak Cashmore - Trafford Parsons - Anthony McEwan - Carne Griffiths  - Henry Martinez - Jim Vision - Darren West Neon Artist - Nicolas Dixon - Phil Bedford - Charlotte Posner  - Stephen Bliss - Jim'll Paint It - Frank E Hollywood - China Mike - Prefab77 - Nick Dutton

and more!

To attend the show please RSVP with your name to