Mydogsighs's solo show at London Westbank in March 2013.

After 10 years of giving his art away for free as part of the now infamous Free Art Fridays project (which was covered by the BBC) Mydogsighs has this year finally found himself strapped in to a well-deserved meteoric rise.

He has a massive, no sorry, MASSIVE, following in Israel, Japan and of course, UK. We are talking astronomical numbers of Facebook fans and Youtube hits etc..

In his own words:

"As a street artist of ten years my work has primarily focused on the relationship and emotional discourse between the work and the audience. Melancholic figures left on the streets pull the unsuspecting viewer into a confusing moral dilemma where the guilt of ‘taking’ is directly opposed with the desire to nurture and protect.

My choice of discarded food cans and found cardboard is conflicted with traditional street art ideas of directly painted or pasted walls. It initially stems from a need not to be seen to litter the environment it aims to decorate. Again, contrary to street art tradition, it is not concerned with permanence or mass audience but a desire to quietly communicate with a single participant.

By recycling already ‘lost’ and abandoned materials, the cans add a layer of humanity and fragility echoing the solitary moment the 'finder' discovers this lost soul."

In other people's words:

'bringing bits of beauty to lonely walkways while turning unwanted waste into art that moves from the artist's studio to the streets'
'charming in it's ability to bring character to the smallest corners of an urban landscape.'

(Huffington post

'this man is an altruistic art machine dedicated to the cause of Art for Everyone'

(lost at eminor )

'Another truly outstanding example of talent being showcased at not only an exceptional level of talent, but also an exceptional level of integrity. One of the finest and humblest exhibitions this city has ever seen. I tip my hat in your direction'

(strong island

"My Dog Sighs is like a fairytale character who taps you on the shoulder with a magical wand and suddenlty you appear on his theatrical stage popping out art with a talent you didn't know you had.
My Dog Sighs feeds you possibility and the courage to step off your cliff, spread your wings and soar new heights of your imagination.
I will now look under my pillow and see if he left me a Schilling or two." (Jaxie jax)

"Certainly, one of the single-most inspiring personalities in the UK street art scene.
a sense of real & intelligent humanity comes thru in every piece. (idiot the wise)