Filthy and Faded pays homage to Allen’s creative roots, his love of pin- ups along with his commitment to experimentation with texture, shape and colour. The multilayered textural abstract backgrounds are inspired by his fascination with the weathered and torn posters which ornate the walls of most urban landscapes.

The show includes bodies of work on canvas ranging from small to larger than life. Some works echo Ben’s love for superheroes, with original pages applied to the works from his personal collection of Avengers comics.

The name Filthy & Faded was inspired by its creative process. Allen went to great lengths to collect billboard paper to give his work fitting textures. Ben will also be releasing a show print that uniquely mixes colourful giclee and screen-print with hand embellished second-hand billboards.

Ben’s unusual, experimental style pays ode to the past and the future alike. He continues to keep the art community on their feet and wanting more by breaking convention.
The exhibition will begin with a PV at 6pm on the 21st of April 2016.

If you’d like to be a part of the evening please RSVP with your name to

About the artist:

“Free-spirited, UK based artist Ben Allen is most well-known for his controversial Pop paintings. Using a ‘collage’ style of unlikely juxtapositions, the dynamic paintings are complex mash-ups of popular culture that critiques the day-to-day dull and mundane, challenge the media's view on sexuality and inspire a sense of freedom.

With designs gracing the walls of big names like Jade Jagger, Stephen Dorff, Sophie Ellis Bexter and Richard Branson, art displays in Selfridges and a 40ft artwork dominating the Notting Hill headquarters of Virgin.

Inspired by underground surfing and skateboard street scenes, Ben's art manages to capture the elusive zeitgeist and his clients now include Vans, Converse, Amy Winehouse Foundation, Levis, Virgin, Jamie Oliver, Channel 5, Nokia, Bracher Emden and Proporta.

Ben Allen's journey as an artist has seen his work developed over 10+ years, becoming more and more sought-after, Ben travels worldwide for clients and events, where he often collaborates with other top artists. He releases his work only in small numbers.

His work is in private collections throughout the UK, in Australia, New York, Las Vegas, Barcelona, Korea, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Ibiza and has been featured in Huck, Design Week, The Observer, The Times, Elle Déco, Plus1, Time Out, Loaded and GQ magazines to name but a few.

“On one hand you're confronted with contemporary Pop Art, on the other side, there's more of a cultural connection to old world civilizations that throng with ritual, mysticism, spirituality and meaning. The two sides don't make easy bedfellows but I wonder if Ben's intention was to contrast the depth, complexity and mystery of the old and the surface and transparency of the new?”

Peter Doherty – International Life Magazine Review